Thursday, June 4, 2015

TESOL Designing Interactive Activities for the Web Course Week 1


·        Copyright for Kids 
·        Copyright Free Pictures
·        Creative Commons
·        Open Education Resources
·        Can I use that picture? (infographic) 

My post:
Copyright certainly is a tricky topic!  I didn’t used to be as conscious as I am now about using (and citing) images that are not my own in content I have published / posted online. However, nowadays I typically use copyright-free stock photo sites, Creative Commons, or take my own photos.  More often, though, I search for images on Google Images and filter by usage rights (select Search Tools – select the drop-down at “Usage Rights”).

As I understand, the rules are a bit more lax when images posted on a site (such as an LMS/CMS) that requires a login and password to enter.  When in doubt about usage rights, obviously, it’s best to link online content that does not belong to you.
Did anyone see this news item last week about the artist who is making $$$ from others’ Instagram photos?   It will be interesting what the future holds for copyright of images, especially concerning mixing / mash-ups.  Perhaps, if lawsuits escalate, we will all need to select our usage rights as we upload / post online content.


My post:

I watched all the videos, and there were a lot of parallels in the videos with ideas in a book I read last year: Collins, Allan (2009).  Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology: The Digital Revolution and Schooling in America. Teachers College Press.  See my blog post on this book.

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