Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sabbatical Leave Report

I am grateful to MiraCosta College for offering the opportunity to grow professionally and develop my skills as a teacher through my sabbatical experience.  It was enlightening to be a student again, but I truly felt “at home” on my first day back teaching.

View my sabbatical report
View my article on my sabbatical in the Noncredit ESL Newsletter, The Communicator, Fall 2015 edition

Sunday, June 28, 2015

TESOL Designing Interactive Activities for the Web Course Week 4

My final project
My initial idea was to set up a Web page with assignment prompts, examples, discussion boards, and so on for all the writing portfolio assignments students will be doing in my class in the fall.  In the end, that idea was overly ambitious, so I just created one assignment (narrative paragraph) integrated-skills lesson plan with online activities: Valuable Lessons

My goal is to have students create sites and post their writing (eportfolios).  Has anyone had experience with eportfolios, and if so, would you be willing to share any best practices, warnings, words of wisdom, suggestions/advice with me?  

I loved using Weebly - it's incredibly easy to use, so I may have students do their eportfolios there, but to best integrate with Google docs and my grand plan to give feedback with Kaizena, Google Sites (though tricky to use at times) is the other possibility I am exploring.

Instructor Susan Gaer's feedback on my final project:
WOW! What a great interactive lesson. I love the way you integrated tools into the lessons, covered all the skills of listening, reading and writing. I love that you gave the students examples. It was also nice to see your video on voice thread. My only suggestion is (it is very small) is that you remove the word Flubaroo where you embedded the quiz. Students don’t need to know that and it just might stump them.  The lesson looks visually appealing, has great interactivity and models for what your expectations are. If you have any more time to work on it, perhaps you good do a rubric activity to have students really understand how a rubric works. You don’t need to do this to pass the class. YOU HAVED PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS (think red, white and blue). It was wonderful having you in the class. You raised the bar on the level of discussion. I learned a lot from you!

TESOL Teaching Vocabulary and Grammar Online Course Week 4

This week was dedicated to the final project, a lesson plan.  Here's mine:  Career Choices.

These are the instructor's comments / feedback and grade:

PP104 – Week 4 – Lesson Plan    -Checklists to evaluate Teachers´ Lesson Plans
Name: Kristi Reyes                                                                                                                           
Total grade 29.5   /30

Sunday, June 21, 2015

TESOL Teaching Vocabulary and Grammar Online Course Week 3

This week was more of the same: exploring online resources and posting on the course wiki

Here is my post for the week:

TESOL Designing Interactive Activities for the Web Course Week 3

My posts for this week:

I read the Brain Rules book a few months ago and have so many of the pages dog-eared. It's definitely worth a read.  The videos very briefly illustrate some of the main points of the book; however, if you're looking for a summer read, I definitely recommend the book because of all the anecdotes about people who have had brain injuries or who have brain anomalies - such as the guy who played something like 50 games of chess at once -- blindfolded -- and won all but one or two matches!
Anyway, the videos are interesting, too.  These are the three that I watched with the important point(s) and implications for us as teachers: