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@ONE Creating Accessible Online Courses Final Grades and Certificate

User report - Kristi Reyes

Grade itemGradeRangePercentageFeedback
CategoryCreating Accessible Online Courses (SP152 04/06/15)
Assignment (2.2)Log in instructions - CCC Confer Session - April 85.000–5100.00 % 
ForumWatch these Videos - Meet Students with Disabilities5.000–5100.00 % 
QuizMicro Quiz on Digital Media and Access Strategies5.000–5100.00 % 
QuizLegal Issues Quiz5.000–5100.00 % 
Assignment (2.2)Evaluate a Production Plan for Accessibility5.000–5100.00 %
Hi Kristi,
This is fantastic work!
You correctly identified the media objects and you are absolutely on the right track when identifying the accessible design components required to make the content accessible.
I loved the level of detail you included in this production plan and I think this level of information will really help you as you begin to dive into your course design.
Again, great job!
Scott McAfee
QuizWeek One Summary Quiz5.000–5100.00 % 
Assignment (2.2)Log in information - Live CCC Confer session-0–5- 
ForumUsability and Accessibility Forum Assignment5.000–5100.00 %
Great analysis! I am always dock my students points for using poor grammar when they deliver speeches. I always tell them: "Only Superman "does good". You do well!".
Keep up the great work!
-Scott McAfee
Assignment (2.2)Format Text Document10.000–10100.00 %
Hi Kristi,
Well done! Your headers were properly assigned and layered, your alt text was fantastic and in the correct place (good catch on the check box for the second picture), you utilized bullets and numbers, your table was designed correctly, and your document was very easy to read.
You utilized all of the components of accessible design for this document.
This is great work; keep it up!
Scott McAfee
ForumDraft Production Plan--Peer Review10.000–10100.00 %
Hi Kristi,
WOW, you nailed it!
This is an exceptional document full of wonderful detail. You really demonstrate a firm understanding of the content covered so far.
-Scott McAfee
QuizWeek Two Summary Quiz5.000–5100.00 % 
Assignment (2.2)Log in information - Live CCC Confer session.5.000–5100.00 % 
ForumCaptioning Considerations5.000–5100.00 %
Hi Kristi,
Thanks for your post and all of the great questions!
-Scott McAfee
ForumCaption a Video With YouTube10.000–10100.00 %
Great job, Kristi!
-Scott McAfee
Assignment (2.2)Your Campus Accessibility Resources Report10.000–10100.00 %
WOW Kristi, it really sounds like you have a FANTASTIC support structure for students with disabilities and instructors: from the DSPS department to the library to the volunteer group, you have some fantastic resources at your disposal.
Thanks for the informative report.
-Scott McAfee
QuizWeek Three Summary Quiz5.000–5100.00 % 
Assignment (2.2)Log in information for archived CCC Confer session5.000–5100.00 % 
Assignment (2.2)Format 2 accessible documents from your course20.000–20100.00 %
EXCELLENT work, Kristi! It was a joy to see your accessible design elements implemented within your documents. Your WORD syllabus looked great with sans serif font, good use of white space, repeating headers in your tables, excellent alt text, bullets/numbers, and proper heading structure.  Your PDF was equally fantastic: it not only had accessible design elements, but it LOOKED GREAT!
This was quality work; I think you have mastered this aspect of accessible document design! BRAVO!
 -Scott McAfee
ForumLearning Management Systems5.000–5100.00 %
Hi Kristi,
My first exposure to Moodle was as a student in an @One course. I quickly found myself on the designer side of Moodle when I began teaching for @One, and I can happily say I think Moodle is both accessible and easy to use from both a student and instructor perspective. That said, it is a little SIMPLE, but that can be a wonderful thing after trudging around in BlackBoard all day for my College of the Canyons courses.
I haven’t had the chance to play around with CANVAS yet, but I hear wonderful things about it. In fact,  haven’t heard a single NEGATIVE comment about it which is extremely rare considering the often vitriolic words I often hear directed towards our beloved BlackBoard LMS smile
-Scott McAfee  
QuizWeek Four Summary Quiz5.000–5100.00 % 
Assignment (2.2)Final Accessibility Production Plan for Your Course65.000–65100.00 %
Hi Kristi,
WOW, this is a highly detailed and thorough production plan that captures all of your included media objects and their required accessibility components. I love your attention to detail and I think this will be a great guide/map as you continue forward with your course design.
Thanks for all of your time and hard work during this course!
-Scott McAfee
AggregationCourse total195.000–20097.50 % 

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