Friday, December 26, 2014

My First Sabbatical Almost Undwerway!

Sabbatical almost begins...

I just completed Term II of the Fall 2014 term a couple of weeks agao, and my sabbatical is just about underway!  I feel a little bittersweet, as I have taught ESL at MiraCosta College continuously (except for two short maternity leaves) since January 26. 1998) - 18 years now! -- and I love what I do!  I will miss teaching, even for these coming few months, and will especially miss the students.

As Steve Jobs said in his iconic speech at Stanford University's commencement in 2005, "You've got to do what you love," and I have been successful in that.

However, I am excited to be a learner again and get refreshed and rejuvenated.  Let the joy of learning begin! Woo-hoo!

My sabbatical leave proposal

I completed the following activities in preparation for my sabbatical:

MiraCosta College Program for Online Teaching (POT) certification
My blog for the program
My certificate of completion

Reviewed @ONE's Standards for Quality Online Teaching

Reviewed International Association for K-12 Online Learning's National Standards for Quality Online Teaching

Surveyed students on technology accessibility and interest in online/hybrid learning:

NCESL Student Technology Accessibility and Online Learning Survey Spring 2013

NCESL Student Technology Accessibility Survey Fall 2014 (students in Levels 5 - 7)

Vocational ESL Survey on Students' Experience with Pilot Hybrid Class, Term II Fall 2014

Some results of our WIA/EL Civics Student Technology Survey (Fall 2014):

Online Courses I will take:

@ONE Online Certification Program:
  1. Introduction to Online Teaching & Learning - 1/12 - 2/6
  2. Course Management Training* (Introduction to Teaching with Blackboard 9.1) - 2/23 - 3/20
  3. Building Online Community with Social Media (already took in 2011: artefact)
  4. Creating Accessible Online Courses - 4/6 - 5/1
  5. Designing Effective Online Assessments - 2/23 - 3/20
+ Practicum in Fall 2015
  1. PP 100: Certificate Foundation Course - 1/19 -3/15
  2. PP 103: Teaching Reading and Writing Online - 4/20 - 5/17
  3. PP 104: Teaching Vocabulary and Grammar Online - 6/1 - 6/28
  4. PP 109: Designing Interactive Activities for the Web -  6/1 - 6/28
+ PP 110: Online and Mobile Learning for Campus-Based Teaching -  8/31 - 9/27
+ PP 200: Certificate Completion Course - 10/12 - 11/22
I will also complete MCC POT's Blackboard Modules and will view @ONE Desktop seminars and take advantage of online tutorials from Atomic Learning and, thanks to subscriptions to these services provided to me through my employment at OTAN.
My sabbatical will also include expansion of my Personal Learning Network.  I will peruse blogs and Web sites related to teaching ESL and technology integration, and I will read a books and provide summaries of key take-away points.
Let the fun begin!

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